Counseling & Relationship Therapy

At Doxa, we offer a full-spectrum of therapy services including individual counseling and relationship therapy. Our clinicians are well-trained, experienced and highly-skilled. Some of them offer a free, 15-min- consultation before you need to commit to an appointment to ensure a good fit.

Family Therapy

Sometimes, our client is the whole family—not just mom or dad, but the kids and the grandparents, too. This approach is often more effective for a wide range of problems than individual therapy. Family therapy is often brief and solution-focused.

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Infidelity & Affair Recovery

At Doxa, we aim at a thorough understanding of the situation that has landed the couple in an extramarital affair. We help couples navigate the crisis of disclosing the affair, we help them “to pick up the broken pieces,” and gently but confidently guide them towards making the decisions they wish to make about their marriage.

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