Internal Family Systems Therapy

Evidence-Based Psychotherapy

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is Internal Family Systems is a powerfully transformative, evidence-based model of psychotherapy. Dr. Richard Schwartz, a clinical psychologist in the Boston area, whose theory is based on the family systems model, developed it.

What is Internal Family Systems?

IFS brings together the best of both worlds, systems thinking and the multiplicity of the mind. We believe the mind is naturally multiple and that is a good thing. Our inner parts contain valuable qualities and our core Self knows how to heal, allowing us to become integrated and whole. In IFS, all parts are welcome.

Who Is IFS For?

IFS is a very effective model, especially when you may be stuck with reoccurring patterns of behavior. These may include:

  • anxiety
  • compulsivity
  • depressive symptoms
  • unfinished grief
  • addictions
  • projection
  • emotional dependence

IFS is also helpful if you are simply looking for more clarity or direction in life.

The IFS model is also a great fit for clients who may not be dealing with disturbing or distressing behaviors or emotions but are looking for a deeper sense of knowing who they are and uncover their true potential for life. IFS has been used with good results to help people in different walks of life; business and medical professionals, stay-at-home moms, college students and many others have benefited from this non-pathologizing, creative approach to therapy.

There are no bad parts.

Richard Schwartz, PhD

Marti Witherow has Level 3 training in IFS and has trained directly with Dr. Schwartz.

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