Family Therapy

At Doxa, we treat the whole family system, not just the individual

Sometimes, our client is the whole family–not just mom or dad, but the kids and grandparents, too. We treat the whole family as a unit, not just as individual family members. This approach is often more effective for a wide range of problems than individual therapy. Family therapy is often brief and solution-focused with the “end-goal in mind.”

“Imbalanced systems, whether internal or external, will tend to polarize.” 

Richard C. Schwartz, Internal Family Systems Therapy

Family Therapy Issues Doxa Treats

  • Gridlocked family problems
  • Frequent arguments
  • Problems with in-laws or extended family
  • Parenting difficulties (teenage years, single parenting)
  • Co-parenting problems
  • Family grief and loss
  • Cultural adjustment for non-traditional families or immigrant families

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