Counseling for Sexual Issues

Doxa Renewal Clinic hosts a unique team of clinicians qualified to address a variety of sexual problems with tact and care.. Dr. Marti Witherow is a board-certified Christian sex therapist with doctoral level training in sexual dysfunction, including chronic pain. John Pajarillaga is nearing his certification as a sexual addiction specialist.

When there is an elephant in the room, introduce him

Acknowledging the presence of sexual problems in one’s individual life or in a relationship can be an awkward and conflict filled process. Sex is hard to talk about since it carries a great amount of relational risk. There is much to loose and much to gain when it comes to sexual intimacy. At Doxa, we are uniquely qualified to facilitate those hard conversations with ease and sensitivity —and help you work through even persistent problems.

Get to the Heart of the Matter 

Sexuality is an important building block of a healthy relationship, one of the channels through which couples experience intimacy and closeness. Contrary to popular belief, most people, at some point in their lives, will experience sexual problems. In some cases, these problems are easily resolved, but sometimes they remain persistent and can be a source of conflict, misunderstandings and frustration in a marriage. 

The most common issues why people seek counseling for sexual issues are: 

  • Sexual Desire Problems 
  • Desire Discrepancy among Spouses
  • Compulsive Sexuality related to OCD
  • Difficulty with Arousal or Reaching Orgasm
  • Emotional Issues Surrounding Infertility
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Ejaculation Difficulties
  • Peryonie’s disease
  • Sex after Cancer
  • Sexual Orientation Questions
  • Sexual Trauma
  • Pain During or After Intercourse
  • Premarital Assessment and Counseling
  • Postpartum Depression
  • Recovery from Extramarital Affairs
  • Unconsummated Marriages
  • Vaginismus

Help Is Available 

There are lots of physical and psychological reasons why sexual dysfunction can happen. Many people who seek medical treatment for their problems also turn to a sex therapist for additional/ complimentary help. Although there is no miracle cure to solve sexual problems, a qualified sex therapist can be very helpful in facilitating change in the life of an individual or couple. Sex therapy focuses on specialized clinical skills to help both individuals and married couples experience and value sexual intimacy in a satisfying way. 

Who Are Sex Therapists? 

Sex therapists are counseling professionals who hold graduate degrees in counseling or a related field, such as Marriage and Family Therapy, and are trained with special clinical skills to help clients with sexual problems. 

Make Room for Communication with Professional Help 

As a Certified Sex Therapist, Dr. Marti Witherow combines extensive clinical experience and high professional standards to help her clients deal with sensitive sex-related concerns. Her approach is based on empirical research and evidence based practices widely accepted in the sexual medicine world. She works proficiently at the intersection of psychology and medicine since sexual issues are often best addressed in a treatment team of a medical doctor, a physical therapist, a sex therapist and a psychologist.

Dr. Witherow’s peer-reviewed journal publications on sexual issues can be viewed here.

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