Infidelity & Affair Recovery

How Cheating Hurts Marriages

An affair kills a marriage. Nothing is the same anymore. Trust is broken. Is there still a path forward in the midst of the storm? While there are various types of infidelity, the pain from sexual affairs still tops the list. Some marriages are secure and withhold the test of rising opportunities for an affair. Other marriages are not.

Being attracted to a person other than one’s spouse is not an unusual or a necessarily wrong phenomenon. However in the setting of an insecure, disconnected marriage it can grow to be a transgression of marriage vows.

80 percent of men and women who had engaged in extramarital sex said that it was “almost always” or “always wrong.”

Shirley Glass, author of Not Just Friends

Counseling Services for Infidelity & Extramarital Affairs

At Doxa, we aim at a thorough understanding of the situation that has landed the couple in an extramarital affair. We help couples navigate the crisis of disclosing the affair, we help them “to pick up the broken pieces,” and gently but confidently guide them towards making the decisions they wish to make about their marriage. We do not have preconceived notions about whether a couple should stay together or part ways. While we value the covenant of marriage greatly, we believe it is important to explore such questions openly, honestly, and thoroughly.

Once your goals are established, we will work diligently to support you in achieving them, whatever they may be.

Marti Witherow has extensive training and experience in helping couples overcome infidelity, build trust back into their relationship or respectfully choose the outcome that is the best for them.

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