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Do you have bothersome ups and downs that are hard to explain? Have you had less enjoyment in life or chronic worries? Have you been getting negative feedback about how you come across to others? Are you stuck or dealing with addictive behaviors or traumatic memories? Let's explore this together! We know how to help you overcome these problems.

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Whether it is a perpetually gridlocked issue that has caused a million arguments or a desperate effort to save your marriage, we are eager to help. Our therapists frequently work with a variety of relationship setups and problems using both scientifically sound and empirically validated methods.

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Does your child have anxiety or difficulty getting along with other kids at school? Is she struggling with school performance? Is his teacher suspecting a learning disability? Has there been a divorce or a loss in the family? Our therapists are here to help your child become healthy and happy.

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We treat the whole family as a unit, not just as individual family members. This approach is often more effective for a wide range of problems than individual therapy. Family therapy is often brief and solution-focused with the "end-goal in mind."

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Had it not been for counseling at Doxa, we would not be married anymore.

-Kim and Ashton- Clients

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